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But we’re not the only ones with roles to play in living sustainably. Corporations (and often governments) are benefiting from consumer culture. More than that, they are the ones who, more than anyone else, have created and contributed to the culture themselves. We challenge the practices and business models that drive this culture of consumption. These include questioning industrial meat and dairy production – which is tearing down forests, polluting our water, warming the planet and putting our families’ health at risk – and the production of single-use plastics. A better future is achievable. And while individual efforts are undoubtedly invaluable, it is through sustained pressure on corporations and key decision makers that our culture truly shifts to sustainable living.

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Giant Choking Plastic Whale at Viareggio Carnival in Italy. © Francesco Alesi / Greenpeace
Action against Climate Change in the Philippines. © Luis Liwanag / Greenpeace

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