Forest Fires in Indonesia. © Greenpeace / Vinai Dithajohn

Protect Nature

We are campaigning for a future that will allow our oceans and forests to thrive. Forests and oceans are crucial to the well-being of our…

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Eggborough Power Station in the UK. © Steve Morgan / Greenpeace

Our climate is sick but we have the power to heal it and ourselves, and create a greener more equal world. Extreme weather events, sea…

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Plastic waste dump, Jakarta, Indonesia. © Greenpeace / Mark Warford

Live Sustainably

We work together to usher in a greener, fairer and more peaceful future for all. One where people and planet do not suffer at the…

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Plastic Waste in Verde Island, Philippines. © Noel Guevara / Greenpeace

Time to ditch single-use plastic!

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Meet the Community

We act with hope and determination. We take on the impossible. We are everyday people connected around the world, embarking on a billion acts of…

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Joanna Sustento at Vigil Program at CHR Phillippines. © Geric Cruz / Greenpeace

An open-letter to Shell

by Joanna Chris Sustento

My community is demanding justice for the thousands of lives killed, their hopes and dreams that will never come to fruition  because of greed, apathy and deceit that the fossil…