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Make Oil History

Call on Energy Minister Megan Woods to end oil & gas subsidies, and use that $88m/year to put solar panels and batteries on 500k homes…

Take Action

Greenpeace will be warning senior Government figures tomorrow not to trust the “honeyed words” of oil companies – likening the industry to a “death cult.”

“At this critical juncture as we face catastrophic climate change it is essential that we don’t let this death cult take us with them,” says Senior Campaign and Political Advisor for Greenpeace NZ Steve Abel.

Abel will appear before the Environment Select Committee at 10.45 am Thursday, 18 October in support of the government’s amendment to the Crown Minerals Act.

He says the oil and gas industry are backed into a corner after the Government’s ban on new offshore exploration.

Abel will warn the Committee against listening to the misinformation of fossil fuel industry, saying they have a massive vested interest, and are unsurprisingly lobbying hard against the ban.

Greenpeace’s submission can be seen here.