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Ramadan 2020 arrives differently this year. With it comes new ways to experience the holy month.
Ramadan 2020 arrives differently this year. With it comes new ways to experience the holy month.

Ramadan, the long awaited guest finally arrives, a breath of fresh air following all the disruption we have been witnessing the past few months. Everything about Ramadan this year feels different. Many of the traditions we practice: visiting friends and family, mosques to pray won’t be possible this year. But in this time of physical distancing, we can dig deep and reflect on what’s important. 

Here are five reasons why this year’s holy month is a special one.

  1. A time for reflection and spirituality 

As we observe this holy month without the communal prayers we are given a new perspective. In the privacy of our home, being away from the crowd, our solitude is an opportunity for deeper spiritual connections through individual prayers and reflection.

  1. Beautiful acts of unity 

With physical distancing and lockdowns beautiful acts of unity and solidarity are emerging. Across the world many have put that extra effort to be there for each other. Be it virtual iftars, online sermons and lectures or communal initiatives that support those most affected, we realized that there are different yet powerful ways we can come together and help each other.

  1. Reconsidering our needs

As the hadith narrates “Whoever among you wakes up secure in his property, healthy in his body, and he has his food for the day, it is as if he were given the entire world.” In these times, this hadith cannot be more befitting, reminding us what is essential. For years extravagant iftars were associated with Ramadan. In the true spirit of the holy month that encourages moderate consumption, we can opt for simpler iftars. To optimize our resources we need to refocus on what true necessities are and how to change some of our old habits to be more in harmony with our world. 

  1. We Are Interconnected  

The planet is reminding us that we are all in it together. What started as a pandemic in one city spread across the entire world, proving how interconnected we are. Our ecosystem is fragile and tampering with it can risk our existence.  We share this planet and it takes each and every one of us to protect it.  

  1. Unique experiences make you a different person

Ramadan this year provides us with a unique experience. A global phenomenon forced us into isolation and denied us the opportunity to observe Ramadan the way we are used to. Yet, it opens a window of opportunity to transform each one of us and paves the way for us to join our efforts.  Together we can build a safer and more resilient world ensuring that next Ramadan will be one of many to come where we are praying in mosques and hosting communal iftars again.