NB: This vacancy has expired.

Are you visually creative and able to communicate your message across multi-media channels in Arabic? Do you want to put your creativity and skills for a good cause?  

Join the newly established office for Greenpeace in Arab speaking countries as the “Multi-Media” editor and help develop and communicate Greenpeace’ campaigns and messages across the region.

We are looking for a talented multi-media editor with good command of the Arabic language to enhance the public profile of Greenpeace MENA and its campaigns through active engagement with traditional and social media to amplify the reach and impact of Greenpeace’s content regionally, using various Multimedia tools.


By providing strategic and technical expertise, this position facilitates the continued development and implementation of multimedia production and distribution of Greenpeace MENA.

Job Title: Multimedia Editor

Organisation: Greenpeace MENA


Reports to: Head of PROGRAMME

Purpose of the job

The Multimedia Editor enhances the public profile of Greenpeace MENA and its campaigns in collaboration with global GP Offices and global campaign projects through active engagement with traditional and social media to amplify the reach and impact of Greenpeace’s content, regionally using various Multimedia tools.

By providing strategic and technical expertise, the position facilitates the continued development and implementation of multimedia production and distribution, as set in GP MENA Communications Principles document.

Main responsibilities

  1. News coordination and strategic input
  • Work closely with the Editor, Campaigner, and with global campaign projects on a daily basis to leverage a mix of traditional and social media platforms to distribute relevant content regionally, both proactive and reactive.
  • Suggest content, provide insight on which story angles are most effective for the region and advise campaign projects on future opportunities.
  • Curate and aggregate content and commission translations where appropriate.
  1. Production capacity
  • Create videos using writing, graphic design, branding, image editing, document formatting, animation, video, and audio skills and tools, scripting, storyboarding, location scouting and scheduling video productions.
  • Record and edit video and sound projects, selecting appropriate media output formats, sourcing additional media, organizing raw media files, editing media files, producing necessary titles, graphics, special effects, music, and voice-overs.
  • When in-house expertise is required, plan, shoot, caption, edit and distribute news photo and video for traditional and social media, ensuring the availability of high-quality images to a wide range of Greenpeace International communications channels.
  1. Commissioning
  • Commission translation of audio-visual assets for distribution to Arabic/French or English (when needed); exercise editorial judgment.
  • Oversee commission, editorial and archival of multimedia productions within budget, consistent with Greenpeace’s brand guidelines and respecting international copyright laws.
  1. Licensing and copyright management
  • Evaluate requests for multimedia, negotiate rates and licensing agreements as appropriate; provide invoicing and payment information in conjunction with Library services.
  1. Relationship building and networking
  • Uphold relationships with key media influencers, including photo editors and broadcast producers, as well as internal stakeholders in National Regional Offices and Greenpeace International.
  • Attend meetings and conferences where networking opportunities exist and maximize these for the benefit of the organization.
  1. Monitoring and tracking
  • Set up real-time monitoring across relevant communications streams (traditional and social media) in the region to identify opportunities for reactive media relations and campaigning, as well as Greenpeace’s impact on relevant public conversations.  Evaluating the performance of the work executed.
  1. Responsive communication and rapid response
  • Respond to external events or incidents that offer opportunities for the organisation and/or reputational threats to the organization, as directed by the Managing Editor.
  • Support where needed with ship visits and Global Days of Action as requested.
  1. Knowledge of production and technology
  • Keep abreast of developments in video and photo production particularly in regard to cameras, editing software, transmission technologies and emerging social media platforms in order to maintain Greenpeace’ cutting edge reputation.
  1. Protocols and standards
  • Contribute to the development of policies and positioning that support high-quality communications output as set by GPMENA Communications
  • Principles document; facilitate work groups and convene project teams as needed for input in the region.
  1. Visual writing and editing
  • Prepare and/or edit captions, slideshow, macros and other visual content for distribution across Greenpeace International channels.
  1. Archiving
  • Maintain a good archive of GP MENA output. Coordinate with GP official photo/video library to maintain the archival materials of GP MENA globally.

Skills and expertise required

  • Significant (+5 years) professional experience in a newsroom, studio or production environment with responsibility in video, photo, and graphics production and editing.
  • Good technical knowledge of video, photo, and graphics editing software (eg. FCPX, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, ) and production skills including scripting and camera operation.
  • Demonstrable awareness of and participation in the internet and social media culture and platforms and other engagement tools.
  • Ability to analyse the performance of one’s own work, including digital and media monitoring tools and recalibrating output to improve engagement.
  • Experience working with colleagues across different cultures and languages.
  • Proficiency in professional Arabic (written and spoken). Command of the English language is required, while French highly desirable.
  • Solid understanding of copyright, licensing and media law.
  • Ability to multi-task on various projects at once, and to translate and present data and other technical’ information to engaging visual products.
  • Excellent influencing, negotiation, presentation, facilitation and communication skills.

Work environment

Works in a standard office environment, and is required to travel to other Greenpeace offices, campaign locations or locations as needed.

Please send your C.V to hr.gpmena@greenpeace.org

Subject: “Multimedia Editor”

Deadline: October 12th