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You have the power

A stable climate is possible, and so are equitable societies that are just and peaceful. But the world doesn’t get better on its own. It gets better because people work together to make it that way. And the good news is that when we stand together and act, we can make the change we need to see in the world.

Be a change agent

Change the world

Imagine a world where forests flourish and oceans are full of life. Where energy is as clean as a mountain stream. Where everyone has security, dignity and joy. Where power is used to fight poverty and injustice, not people. We can’t build this future alone, but we can build it together.

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Our Values

Our Values

Greenpeace uses non-violent creative action to pave the way towards a greener, more peaceful world, and to confront the systems that threaten our environment.

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Success Stories

Years and months of campaigning sometimes help us make that one important change. Take a look at our success stories to see how we helped make a difference.

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About us

Greenpeace India is an independent organisation registered in India, connected to a network of other Greenpeace offices in over 55 countries.

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For nearly 50 years, Greenpeace has been sailing the world’s oceans protecting our planet by conducting research into the effects of climate change.

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