A diverse and distributed renewable energy system can provide clean energy for everyone, without polluting our air, changing our climate or producing dangerous radioactive waste.…

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Industrial farming has a huge impact on the climate, the local environment and our health. Synthetic pesticides and fertilizers pollute our soil and the air…

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From community energy projects to organic farming cooperatives, there’s no challenge that can’t be overcome by committed people. When politicians just talk, citizens act.

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Plastic pollution is choking our rivers and oceans. It’s time for the European Union to drive a switch to genuine alternatives (not bioplastic) and to…

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10 years to save the ocean

by Greenpeace European Unit

Today, 102 environmental organisations are launching the “Blue Manifesto” – a rescue plan that lays out concrete actions to turn the tide on Earth’s ever-degraded and polluted oceans and coastlines. …