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Nestlé, Tim Hortons, PepsiCo., Coca-Cola, McDonald's... Let’s turn the tide on plastic pollution by calling on these five corporations to move away from single-use plastic!

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Aerial Plastic Brand Audit Banner in Vancouver.
The top 5 plastic polluters identified through 5 Canadian brand audit events are named through an aerial banner shot at Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver, British Columbia, where one of the audits was conducted. The banner reads “Stop trashing our future!” and shows the logos of Nestle, Tim Hortons, PepsiCo, Coca Cola and McDonalds.

Nestlé commits to virgin plastic reduction yet doubles down on recycling myth

Montréal – Nestlé has announced today that it will partly shift from virgin plastics to food grade recycled plastics. It also aims to accelerate the development of new packaging solutions. These commitments come ahead of the World Economic Forum that will take place in Davos between January 21st-24th. 

In response to the news, Matthias Wüthrich Senior Campaigner at Greenpeace Switzerland said:

“It is encouraging that Nestlé has finally committed to reducing its reliance on virgin plastic and recognizes that its dependence on fossil fuel-derived plastic is contributing to climate change. Reducing single-use plastic should not mean that Nestlé turns to false solutions such as recycled content and material substitution. If Nestlé wants to stop polluting the world, it needs to end its reliance on plastic.

“Nestlé’s commitment to reduction is a good first step but it is crucial that the company embraces innovation and invests the US$2 billion towards new business models instead of just buying recycled plastics. Nestlé must prioritize reuse and eliminate single-use packaging altogether instead of doubling down on the recycling myth. Nestlé has an opportunity to show real leadership and we encourage the company to focus its efforts towards the elimination of all throwaway packaging.”



[1] Nestlé was one of the top corporate plastic polluters identified in a worldwide cleanup and brand audit effort conducted by the Break Free From Plastic coalition two years in a row. Full results here

[2] Greenpeace Canada infographic and media brief about Canadian top polluters.

[3] Greenpeace International Executive Director Jennifer Morgan will be at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos and is available for interviews.


Laura Bergamo, communications officer, Greenpeace Canada

lbergamo@greenpeace.org; +1 438 928 5237